Tasks and Projects

InvoicePlane provides basic task management that is integrated into the invoice workflow. You can link tasks to projects and projects to clients to structure everthing.


Projects can be added from the navigation bar. You can chose the project name and a client. Choosing a client is optional. If you choose a client, tasks that are assigned to this project can onl be added to invoices for the same client.


Tasks can be added from the navigation bar. They have several fields that are explained in the following table.

Field Description
Task name The title or name of the task. Normally a short headword or sentence
Task description Can contain a long text that discribes the task. Can also be used to store notes.
Task price The price set here will be used in invoices to properly store tasks. The task price is the same as the product price.
Tax Rate Task tax rates are the same like product tax rates. It will be added to the task price if added to an invoice.
Finish date Also called deadline, it defines the date where the task should be finished. Tasks are displayed as overdue (red color) if the finish date has already passed.
Status The task status defines the current state of the task. More information can be found below.
Project This optional select can be used to link tasks to projects.

Task Status  

A task can have one off the following statuses. Please notice that only completed tasks can be added to invoices.

Status Description
Not started The title or name of the task. Normally a short headword or sentence
In progress The task is currently in progress. Someone works on the task.
Completed The task was completed and is ready to be added to an invoice.

Tasks in Invoices  

Inside invoices you can add tasks to an invoice. Therefore, use the "Add Task" button. This will open a new panel where all available tasks will be listed. Please notice that the following requirements must be fullfilled for a tasks to be available:

  • the task must be have the status Completed.
  • the task must either have no linked project or the client of the current invoice must match theclient that is assigned to the linked project.
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