Merchant Account Settings

Online Payment Settings

InvoicePlane supports various different online payment providers like PayPal, Stripe or even the Bitcoin provider Coinbase. The following providers are supported by default.

Configure your payment provider

To configure your payment provider, select the provider from the dropdown list. If you don't know which provider should be selected please contact your provider. We cannot offer any support for specific provider settings.

After selecting a provider InvoicePlane will show you a configuration box will all needed settings. Make sure to enable the provider first. After that fill all needed information. Again: if you are not shure which fields to fill, contact your provider.

It is highly recommended to test if the online payment is working correctly using the Test Mode if available. This allows you to pay online without transfering real money.

Missing providers

At the moment InvoicePlane only supports some of all available payment providers. We may add support for custom providers in the future.

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