View Payments  

To view the payment list, click Payments from the main menu and select View Payments.

To navigate between pages, use the pager buttons located on the submenu bar.

Entering a Payment  

To enter a payment, either choose Payments from the main menu and select Enter Payment, or from the payment list, click the New button near the top right of the page.

When entering a payment, first select the invoice to enter the payment for. This will default the invoice amount into the Amount field. Adjust the date and amount, if necessary, and optionally select the payment method and enter any pertinent notes and press the Save button near the top right of the page.

Online Payments  

InvoicePlane can be configured to allow clients to make payments online. The only payment gateway currently tested with InvoicePlane is PayPal.

Configure PayPal for Online Payments  

To configure InvoicePlane integration with PayPal, you must first have valid PayPal API credentials. If you don't, follow these instructions first to obtain the credentials.

Once you have your API credentials, perform the following in InvoicePlane:

  1. Click the Settings icon and choose the System Settings entry.
  2. Click the Merchant Account tab.
  3. Set Enable Online Payments to Yes.
  4. Choose the appropriate Merchant Driver.
  5. Set the Test Mode to No.
  6. Enter the username, password and signature obtained from PayPal.
  7. Select the appropriate currency code.
  8. Press the Save button.

Once configured, send your client the Guest URL (found at the bottom of the Invoice Edit screen) and they will be able to pay their invoice from the link. Optionally, you can also create a Guest User account in which the client can log into and view and pay their invoices.

Recurring Invoices Settings