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Upgrade information  

Breaking changes (v1.6.0)  

InvoicePlane 1.6 is based (as its versions before) on CodeIgniter v3 which officially still does not support PHP >=8.0. The InvoicePlane Community updated InvoicePlane specific components to make InvoicePlane PHP >=8.0 compatible, but not all features could be successfully ported; we will continue to put our efforts into porting the features we could not port with this upgrade. The breaking changes are:

  • InvoicePlane 1.6.0 supports only Stripe as a payment gateway for online payments (please let us know what payment method you are missing at GitHub).

Instructions to upgrade to 1.6.0 from 1.5.11  

1. Preliminary operations  
  1. Make a backup of your database and all files. (This is very important to prevent any data loss)
  2. Download the latest version from InvoicePlane.com.
2. Replace files & test  
  1. Copy all files to the root directory of your InvoicePlane installation but do not overwrite the following files:
    • The ipconfig.php file
    • Customized templates in the application/views/ folder
    • The files for custom styles: assets/core/css/custom.css and assets/core/css/custom-pdf.css
    • Uploaded images in the uploads/ folder (e. g. your company logo)
    • Custom language keys at application/language/COUNTRY/custom_lang.php

    Hint: An easy way of performing this operation is to upload the whole new InvoicePlane version in a different folder, outside of your current installation root folder, and copy the above mentioned files in the new folder you just uploaded. Afterwards just rename your current folder to something like my_current_folder_old and rename your new-version-folder with the name of my_current_folder.

  2. Now that the files are placed, it's time to fix the ipconfig.php file.

    • open ipconfig.php and comment out the top line in the file by adding a # at the beginning of the first line. The result should be like this:
      # <?php exit('No direct script access allowed'); ?>
    • close the ipconfig.php file
  3. Open http://yourdomain.com/index.php/setup and follow the instructions. The app will run all updates on its own.
  4. Now that the ipconfig.php file is fixed, moved and protected, it's time to log in and see if everything is working

    • Login again and check if everything is working.
    • If you were using the online payments module please navigate to //your-domain.com/settings and to the tab online payment and disable all payment methods that are not stripe. InvoicePlane 1.6 at the moment supports only Stripe as a payment gateway.
If you encounter any problems please post a support request in the communtiy forums.
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