v1.6.0 released 2022-12-04


  • [IP-798]: Prepare for PHP 8.1 compatibility release by @vtq221, @Ordissimo and of course @naui95 in #831
  • fix to CVE-2021-29024 #735 by @naui95 in #754
  • Don't show upload-path by @zeitschlag in #739
  • fix for CVE-2021-29023 #733 by @naui95 in #767
  • Fix for outdated card data handling #814 by @naui95 in #816
  • Trivial typo fix by @pimvanpelt in #788
  • Fix bug with recurring invoices dropping discounts by @pimvanpelt in #791
  • Fix Payment Method Select by @tridnguyen in #805
  • Escape client name for PDF generation (Only in Zugferd invoices) by @Forceu in #810
  • [IP-711] Add responsive view for invoices/quotes by @nielsdrost7 in #783
  • fix minor flaws in quotes itemlist view by @der-peer in #787
  • Develop by @yvesmethz in #774
  • Display $client surname for recurring invoices by @giacy86 in #811
  • Select appropriate pdf template for guest users by @giacy86 in #765
  • update composer and javascript packages by @nielsdrost7 in #822
  • Create by @zidingz in #752
  • Update composer and javascript packages by @nielsdrost7 in #776
  • Create by @dagelf in #797
  • Quick bugfix with a nullable value
  • Fix in the npm packages to make the yarn build work

You can find the full changelog with references to the code at this link.

Changelogs concerning older versions of InvoicePlane can be found in the relevant section of the given version.