How do I translate InvoicePlane into my own language?

The translation files for InvoicePlane live in the resources/lang folder. To translate InvoicePlane into your native language, create a new folder inside resources/lang for your language and then copy the files from resources/lang/en into your specific language folder. Once the files have been copied, you can begin the translation.

The example below demonstrates the structure of the language files. In the example below, account_setup is the language key used to reference the English phrase 'Account Setup'. Translate each of the phrases after the => to your language. Do not change the language keys on the left.

return [
    'account_setup'                      => 'Account Setup',
    'active'                             => 'Active',
    'active_client'                      => 'Active Client',
    'add_client'                         => 'Add Client',

Might become:

return [
    'account_setup'                      => 'ConfiguraciĆ³n de la cuenta',
    'active'                             => 'Activo',
    'active_client'                      => 'Cliente activo',
    'add_client'                         => 'Crear cliente',

Can I share my translation for others to use?

Absolutely. Email a zipped copy of your contribution to and we'll be happy to include it in the release package for others to use.