Invoice Templates

How do I customize my invoice or quote templates?

InvoicePlane comes with a copy of the default template placed in the custom templates folder out of the box. This provides you with a convenient way to start customizing your invoice layout should you wish to. All custom templates should be placed in either custom/templates/invoice_templates or custom/templates/quote_templates.

Copies of the default templates are available at the following locations to use as starting points:


A few notes about templates:

  • All custom templates should be named with a .blade.php file extension.
  • The default custom.blade.php files can be edited directly or copied into a new file with a different name.
  • The default custom.blade.php files are provided as a starting point for structure and variable reference.
  • The custom folder is safe from being overwritten during updates as per the update documentation.
  • InvoicePlane uses Laravel's Blade templating engine.
  • There is no limit to how many custom templates you may have.

How do I make custom fields appear on my invoices or quotes?

Custom fields won't display by default on the PDF output. However, they can easily be added to the invoice or quote template PDF output by customizing the template.

Once a custom field has been created for an invoice, take note of the value in the "Column Name" column. The system will name these "column_1", "column_2", etc.

In the examples below, you'll replace column_1 with the column number for your custom field.

Adding a custom invoice field to an invoice:

{{ $invoice->custom->column_1 }}

Adding a custom client field to an invoice:

{{ $invoice->client->custom->column_1 }}

Adding a custom quote field to a quote:

{{ $quote->custom->column_1 }}

Adding a custom client field to a quote:

{{ $quote->client->custom->column_1 }}

Can I sell my custom templates to other InvoicePlane users?

Absolutely you can. We don't sell third party items through this site, but you're more than welcome to list the products you have for sale in the InvoicePlane Community.

How can I change the size of my logo on invoice and quote templates?

By default, logos are displayed on the invoice and quote PDF's at the actual image size. If you'd like to upload your logo at the full, high resolution size, you can make a quick modification to the custom invoice and/or quote templates to control the display size. This will oftentimes help logo images from appearing blurry or pixelated on the PDF's.

The default custom templates are located at:


Open the custom template to modify and change this line:

// For invoices:
{!! $invoice->companyProfile->logo() !!}

// For quotes:
{!! $quote->companyProfile->logo() !!}

To this:

// For invoices:
{!! $invoice->companyProfile->logo(width, height) !!}

// For quotes:
{!! $quote->companyProfile->logo(width, height) !!}

For example, to display your logo at a width of 250px by a height of 50px:

// For invoices:
{!! $invoice->companyProfile->logo(250, 50) !!}

// For quotes:
{!! $quote->companyProfile->logo(250, 50) !!}